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Wed, Jan. 18th, 2006, 09:53 am
i gotta make it to heaven for goin through hell, gotta make it to heaven, hope i make it to heaven

hi. i got my drivers license back. its real nice to drive again. ive been making good choices except for one which ive been working on but the dumbass just wont listen and so ill have to take drastic action i think... 'you dont like, do somethin nigga. where im from if we dont like it we do somethin nigga.' so imma do something cause i dont like it. simple. oh- 50 cents new book 'from pieces to weight' is fucking fantastic. read it. and bun-b and lots of other super rappers (ti, jeezy, etc.) put out a cd just for ME a few months ago. its called 'TRILL' (of course! trillnigga hahaha) anyway- you should most def cop it. bored. im taking my GED later today. i need to make an a.a. meeting at noon... im going to have to do something about the little problem but im kinda scared but i know its the right thing to do. like 50 cent said first in like 2000 and slim thug said in '05: WE DONT PLAY THAT' especially when the dude is fucking 35. jesus. ive been wokring out every day but gained weight which is nice... fuck the anorexic/starved look... its so 2002! well, im off to tan, straighten my hair and get ready cause ive got a big day!

oh! p.s. someone shot my car with a gun and the glass cracked but i never noticed til last night. i cant wait to find out who did it and take care of the problem. hahaha. :)
'i know my partners would do the job for a flat fee but seein this nigga bleed is the ONLY thing thats gon relax me...' love.