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Thu, Jan. 19th, 2006, 09:30 am
enough playin round wit the clowns and the wankstas... good girls gotta get down with the gangstas.

last night i took 1/2 my ged. OH MY FUCKING GOSH. it was like... omg. i wont even go into it... lets just say it was pathetic. fucking pathetic. ugh.

then i went on an adventure i wasnt supposed to. it turned out to be good for me though. i put myself in a dangerous situation and it wasnt even a temptation. like, i dont NEED that shit. it was way great. i saw like 3-4 of my favorite people ever and built my self-esteem up quite a bit cause theyre all like 'holy fucking shit' cause i look totally better and un-cracked out.

in 50's book he used the phrase 'gangsteriest nigga' like 12 times. ok im lying. like 8 times. what the fuck is that? im having doubts about him. prolly cause last night m. told me that 50's a fucking idiot. if anyone else would have told me that i would have gave them the breadbox look but like, when HE said that i was like shiiiit. i better check myself. saw anthony too! lil nig just got outta the pen. two years. he knows the bible now. shit, prolly cover to cover. he picked me up and spun me around cause hes bigger now and was like OMG and i was like 'damn son!' cause he remembered me. he used to be in love with me though in high school and plus, how could he forget ME? hahaha.

also, m. said that he cant listen to jeezy anymore. i totally know how he feels cause we think on the SAME level. its soooo weird. acid does that to people. it like... locks your brains up in a box together for about 6 hours and programs them to be alike. i swear to fucking gosh. anyway, on my way to sm last night i had the windows down, bumpin (haha listening to) young jeezy and i could SMELL COKE. like FOR REAL. it was the trippiest thing that happened since i stopped doing drugs. no. im lying. my valentino sunglasses are trippier and i was wearing them. it was just bad. so... no more jeezy? gasp.

'i love my nigga, whatcha know about that? and id give anything to have lp back...'