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Thu, Feb. 23rd, 2006, 08:33 am
through my 18 years i done pulled all types of hustles

omg. i got this new job right? well, theres this guy who is my boss, right? and he has this totally hot son, right? and omg i hung out with him last night. HE HAS A GOLD GRILL (as in teeth, not like a barbeque)... just omg. we watched hustle and flow and all about the benjamins... and he has cornrow/braid things and hes just about the hottest black guy ive ever seen since... lp i reckon. oh and the new (old) best cd ever has been changed from jeezy 'thug motivation: 101' to WEBBIE 'savage life.' so anyhow- this boy decided that im either scary or not interested in him... it took me a few minutes to remember that scary means scared in ghetto but then i was like shiiit! hold on! hold on! ('franchize aint got no money shit! hold on! hold on! bitch haaayyyy...') i dunno. im trippin. he aint got much game though which is very strange for someone who looks like him. i know thats like the whole 'dont judge a book by its cover' thing but ive come to expect things from people who look certain ways cause thats how shit works... but this boy is like INNOCENT. like really. no drugs or anything which might be real good for me. happy. he texted me last night right after i left his house and i still havent texted back... ive got a plan... shiiiit somebody gotta run some game, right?
'through my 18 years i done pulled all types of hustles
you don't wanna start nothing cuz the whole boot comin
might as well ask stevie wonder... nigga i ain't seen nothing'