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Thu, Jun. 15th, 2006, 02:52 pm
my nigga black can steal a car in 10 seconds flat

hay what up? today i was really broke right cause i dont get my work check for like 4 weeks (slr sucks) so i begged money from my parentals and then went and cashed in all my change... but then, like i saw this homeless dude with like... no stuff and a sign that said "anything will help" delimma. of course i gave him money. then i wanted to go buy him food and so i almost did then i realized that im practically as broke as him so... no? i gave him my pack of cigarettes instead. then i went shopping. hot new work outfit. oh no work today! YESSSS!!! i have this one guy who i work with and hes totally in love with me but that makes me not like him even though we hang out every single day and hes really hot so ill continue to fiddle with the married dude from mississippi maybe. prolly not. i was informed that thats A SIN... sorta like an accomplice for a murder. but i figure the good karma i got from giving that dude money will kinda go to war with the sin of the married guy thing so itll cancel itself out. yes sir. thats called rationalization. drug addicts are VERY good at it. teehee. now im at the library doing college things (H-TOWN IN TWO MONTHS BABY) and like, i started talking on the phone but apparently you ARENT allowed to do that in the library.... soooo.... i started typing instead. anyways... i just thought id update for mr chonko cause he requested it the other day. didntcha? haha. oh. and im in LOVE LOVE LOVE with THE GAME. (for yall who DONT know- he used to be in g-unit but then got pissed at 50 cause hes a lil fuck and made ghost unit... ANYWAY) but in the new D.U.B. magazine theres a full page of him... killer. oh my gawdddddddd. love.

oh wow. swoon. who cant love that?

"he only one week from gettin rich but its 4 days, 3 nights, 2 hours and one minute from his death" loves c murder!

Fri, Jun. 16th, 2006 09:29 pm (UTC)

homeless people make me sad. I saw a little boy in downtown Dortmund (im in Germany) the other day and he was playing a little flute for money. I gave him like €2...which is almost 4$..hah but it was sooo worth it cus it made him happy!