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Sun, Aug. 6th, 2006, 01:47 pm
yo dro! im clean in this bitch... then im fixin to shoulda lean in this bitch! nigga buck!

hello there. heres a picture of me and my lil kev... you cant really see lil kev but i thought this picture was a perfect example of how i seem to be unable to take a picture with my mouth closed... i havent updated in an awful long time... i dont think i feel like typing now either. college starts aug. 24th. and i move into my apartment aug. 19th. i already have my stenography machine too and im learning the alphabet. thrilling. omg. yesterday i was with my aunt and uncle and we were in the academy parking lot and this HOT HOT HOT black guy is driving towards us in a HOT red bentley and my uncle starts to FLAG HIM DOWN and i freak out cause he is rascist sometimes but he was like 'hello son, what color do you call that there car?' and the guy is like 'candy apple red sir' and my uncle was like 'very nice, carry on' and i almost died. hahaha. then me and my aunt were in north houston the other day and we drive past tidwell and shes all 'NEVER GO TO THIS PART OF TOWN' and im like OMG cause its from a song thats like 'back when i was sellin crack on tidwell in the trap' lol. im still useless.

'my girl gotta girlfriend, chevy blue like whirlwind'
I LOVE LOVE LOVE young dro 'shoulder lean' like... it makes me sick i love it so much...