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Fri, Jan. 13th, 2006, 09:57 am
nigga if you love me tell me you love me... dont stare at me man.

today isnt quite as rosy as yesterday, which was rather interesting. i saw silly jake which was nice. the whole talk sort of felt like an interview or something but i suppose thats to be expected given the circumstances. i also attended a.a. last night. it was a shitty meeting though. i really wanted to go see 2 old friends in san marcos buuut... it prolly isnt a good idea. i gotta remember to make the right turn instead of the left my daddy says. ok. anyhow. omg. i need to call an-dre! i met him on new years. i kinda think he was sent to that place to make me forget that new years was dp's birthday and all that cause i was slightly trippin (but not on drugs). when he walked in the club i freaked out cause he was gangster and all that and i went to the music machine thing and played 'what up gangsta' by 50 and just walked over there and i was like 'whats up?' hahaha. shiiiiit i crack myself up. all my new a.a. friends were like 'wtf?' cause im all shy and stuff now generally but bitch i aint never scared. haha. actually im always scared. but at least im rigoriously honest now... but honestly that fucking sucks a lot of the time. any little misbehavior or white lie makes me feel REALLY bad and its totally opposite from the behavior i got accustomed to when i was crackin it up. its better this way though and the whole god thing is pretty nice. reliable and all that jazz. my life is boring now man. this journal sucks now cause nothing exciting happens anymore. i guess i can just write about old stuff. i have about 8 months worth of crazy shit i can post up in here. maybe so. well. im bored.
"nigga if you love me tell me you love me. DONT STARE AT ME MAN. id hate to get clapped to the pen for poppin one of my fans" hahaha. im SO in love with 50 still. some things will never change.

Thu, Jan. 12th, 2006, 10:34 am
what nigga you mad? you should be happy i made it. im the cat by the bar toastin to the good life...

heeeeeey! gosh its been awhile. wild. im back at home now and happy. ill be sober for 2 months on the 26th. thats the longest, ever. damn kids... i was FUCKING out of my mind for awhile. but i came as close to jail as dying as i possibly could and now i know you either get 1) locked up 2) covered up OR 3) sobered up. i got my warrant removed yesterday. rock on. college in MARCH. the 6th. so im good now. i think my last spree was the end of it all. i dont regret one single second of any of it though. i learned SO much and instead of being depressed about all my mistakes im gonna fuckin make lemonade out of them... right? if like gives you lemons make lemonade? haha. thing is, i have such a lovely perspective on everything now cause i see it from two ways. gosh, its just so great. fuck all that meth/speed/coke/alcohol/weed/x/acid shit. im so over it. love ya! ill type more later.. im too happy right now.

"im high on life man... im fuckin wasted" -jay z

Sun, Oct. 2nd, 2005, 05:20 pm
'thought i was a juvenile stuck to the g-code, and this aint a rap song, nigga, this is my life'

OMG. hi. i havent been online in SO LONG. weird. anyhow. lets see... SO MUCH STUFF HAS HAPPENED! hmm...
1. no more apartment 
2. i got real sick and went to the hospital... drugs + my lil kidney = bad
3. no more bad drugs 
4. i got a pomeranian- its name is fluffy TOO CUTE!
4.5. acid is a riot.
5. i saw MJ like 2 nights ago! HI!!
6. i dont think im going to try and remember all the stuff that happened. ill just start fresh.
'i dont cheat, i play the hand i was dealt'

i just watched this thing on tv about bow wows new movie. what the fuck is a roll bounce? it sounds totally awful and is prolly for sure an obscenely bad movie buuuuut- BOW  WOW is in it so its gotta be hot! haha. gosh hes SO HOT. just WOW. haha bow WOW. get it?

i weighed 100 last night!!! SO HAPPY! ive gained 15 pounds back! plus, i dont look like that starving lil olsen girl anymore. happy day!

OH QUESTION! HERES MY DELIMMA! if there was this guy, right? and he got a BOOB JOB like a GIRL... are you ready for this? okay... WOULD THEY HAVE TO BLEEP THE GUYS BOOBS OUT IF HE WAS TOPLESS IN A MOVIE?!?!?!?! gosh. i thought of that the other day.

best. ever.

my biography, you damn right, the true story
set the city on fire, and i didn't even try
run these streets all day, i can sleep when i die.

Fri, Jul. 15th, 2005, 10:13 am
i dont give a fuck, i do what i wanna

hey kids! i havent updated in total AGES but... good news! im away for a long time getting fixed. rehab style! i LOVE it and im getting FAT and its just the best thing ever! i should be back in wimberley/san marcos like... in MAYBE 3 months but thats doubtful. it sorta sucks cause i miss my punkin and apartment but its all good i guess... i gotta do stuff but ill update lots later.

Sat, May. 7th, 2005, 01:45 pm
Who else can take 5 years off?

Trilby was fired so she won't be updating for a while because homeless people don't have computers. She is doing fine though making lots of money doing things I can't mention. Who said you had to actually have a job to make money? Anyway she will update when she can.

Tue, Apr. 26th, 2005, 01:53 pm
lil cutie hoodrat walkin by with a doobie wrap

the last few days have been really really bad. i had to leave my other new home because people are insane and like to put guns in other peoples mouths and i just dont think thats cool. at all. so fuck him. last night at like 2 a.m. i went to ryans house and colored on his cast for like seriously an hour. its sooo cool. it looks great now. pimp-in. dumb fuck jumped outta a tree. im totally in love with a new person. the old one decided that we werent 'right for each other' and i was like ok. the new one is soooo in adoration of me. he just looks at me and goes 'oh my god! you are just so cute!' and im like haha. he thinks hes in love with me slightly which is sooo cute. i am very very happy with this one. plus we match (hair & eyes) and thats just totally hot!

b: we would have the cutest babies ever!
me: oh my fucking gosh! youre right!
b: theyd have lil blonde curls and blue eyes!
me: haha and everyone would be like 'put those babies in a pampers commercial!'
b: haha yeah for sure!

i started that fucking thing again cause of my newest buddy. i dont like it much. oh and omg those comments on my last entry were sooo funny. "let trilby lead her life the way she sees fit. without girls like her we wouldn't have porn." haha wtf. i like that one. im totally tripping. im steady working and i havent slept in 2 days and it wont stop. like, no one else at my work can answer the phones cause im too swift and i did 8 quotes during my lunch break. haha thats playa baby. oh! jacob called me from cali! loves him! hes totally in rehab in laguna beach. thats like, not even punishment or whatever. i mean, i guess it is cause theres no drugs. whatever. i gotta stop. im tripping and twitching too. well, not exactly TWITCHING per say, more like... jumping. jacks.

Wed, Apr. 20th, 2005, 10:54 am
she carries the money, the hammers and material across town

work sucks. but.... "on wednesdays, we wear PINK." hahaa. alex makes me say it over and over cause i remind her of that chick on mean girls. favorite movie ever. 3 of the roommates at my 'home' went to cali. its so weird with just 2 people in the house now. i mostly like it. we watched harold and kumar go to white castle (or whatever its called) last night and it was so tripped up. they like ride on cheetahs and stuff. weird! im hungry. i think i need to stop drinking vodka. i love it. PLUS i practically made him $300 last night. thats hot. "she carries the money, the hammers and material across town" hahaha!
oh- kellee! i need to converse with you but my cellular is out of commission at the moment so put your cell number on here and ill call ya later. im hopeless with numbers i swear.
i made a new friend at the car wash yesterday. it went like this:
jason- hey whats up! why isnt your boyfriend cleaning your car?
me- he doesnt love me.
jason- oh... well do you wanna party with us later? we have beer!
me- well, i dont drink and im actually... late for church but maybe some other time?
jason- if you dont drink, why is there a huge bottle of vodka in your front seat?
me- oh! well i found that actually...
then i just started laughing and he knew i was lying. deliriously lying. im so fucking bored. sofa king.

Tue, Apr. 19th, 2005, 01:57 pm
what up cuz, what up blood, what up gangsta?

drunk at work is lovely. i like it. i spiked alex's drink when i went out to get lunch. she's giggly and im amused. last night was silly too. theres a huge bottle of polar ice vodka in my car so every night has been totally good. polar bear vodka. 'hey look! theres a polla burr on my vaca!'

 'polla burr vaca'

loves it. loves me. and I LOVE MY PARIS HILTON PERFUME!

Mon, Apr. 18th, 2005, 11:38 am
im tired of staying late, i done lost too much weight

thanks for the update, jake and serena. loves it! ive been way too occupied lately with work and i have no computer at home. last night was a distaster. the boyfriend got kicked out of his home cause the roomate went psycho (as usual) and made everyone move out. his home was my home so i have no home again. sad day! i havent updated in forever! crazy. ive been hanging out with the boyfriend and thats about it. i saw my best friend yesterday too! i cant say her name cause HER MOM READS THIS. weirrrrrrrrd. since my hair straightener broke (SUPER MAJOR DISASTER!) my hair has resorted back to being wavy but after several days of wavy its more like curly so im a bit confused. i keep telling the boyfriend i look like i was raised by wolves. oh! yesterday at the outlet mall there was this totally hot guy selling a motorcycle! he waved at me TWICE and smiled a bunch of times. i prolly looked like some sort of wolf child/crazy stalker but its ok. my feet hurt now from shopping in heels and walking by him so many times. loves it mj! the boyfriend bought 5 new cds. i love it. i love him. i was late for work this morning for the FIRST TIME EVER! 'the electricity went out' and i totally got away with it. loves me! pictures will be developed this afternoon! ill put some up tomorrow! bruises! oh. cps called me several times. THE REST OF MY CLOTHES WERE DELIVERED TO ME THIS MORNING BEFORE I GOT TO WORK. theres a huge green case of the rest of my outfits plus two more boxes of shoes. MY PINK BARBIE HEELS ARE OK! im so delighted beyond belief. oh, and duh! guess who it was that tagged that bitch's car. hahaha yes. i love me.

Sat, Apr. 16th, 2005, 12:21 am
Random Lyrics from a black man.

The following is an update, written by Jake and Serena because Trilby is too busy to update until Monday.

so stressed. hates it. lifes crazy y'all. omg i love clothes. and boys. and that one thing! 98 pounds now, i should eat more. but i hung out with that one boy ommmmggggg so much fun.


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