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Tue, Feb. 7th, 2006, 09:52 am
i would give my last breath if i could bring u back... matta fact bring the WHOLE CREW back

haaaaaaaay. last night was real good. one of my old buddies a.a.-ed it up with me. i was like 'dude, please tell me that i have a problem cause im having doubts' (cause a couple people were like 'how can you be a meth addict if you still have pretty teeth' and i was like 'nigga you dont know me' and thats all i could say cause i dont know) anyway- homeboy just started laughin right and like laughed so hard he cried cause he was there when i was at the top then he was right there when i was at my bottomest bottom so the nigga knows. it was a relief i guess. we just cant figure out how to accept that we can NEVER drink again or do drugs. for me, meth equals death and 'i would never wish death on anybody cause theres no comin back from that, ya know' (biggie smalls) and theres just NO WAY thats gonna happen... but shit. its all confused in my head right now. and daniels one year death anniversary was fucking sunday. that was insane. we've lived without homeboy for A FUCKING YEAR. i cant even accept that. im just NOW in the denial phase of death acceptance... a fucking year later. drugs take a lot from you. i copped a dog sunday. his name was popo. thats too close to lil popo for my liking so i switched it to kevin. lil keykey. haha hes hot as fuck. hes got a lil pimp hoddie jacket for his gangsta look and a blue/white sweater vest for his intellectual days. hot as hell.
'we the best and we gon be when these haters know it
so haters hate us to death and i know cause these haters show it
i only ride alone so they can picture me rollin...
but still i ride like the law, flo and flip everything...
peep the slang'